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Sanjay's Blog

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey everyone. I'm Sanjay from the Kennedy group with Mr. Cochrane.

School's finally out and finals are over. We are heading to South Africa! I'm Looking forward to meeting the rest of the you guys in Frankfurt. Its raining ouutside right now but nothing that'll affect the trip or kill our enthusiasim. Working on some last minute packing and planning and I can't wait.

See everyone soon.


Aravind said...

Have a great trip Sanjay!
good luck!

- Aravind.

taylor.kilgore said...

i can't believe you are leaving today!!
We already miss you so much!!

bff taylor

Sarah said...

Sanjay- this is an amazing experience. I'm so excited for your pending adventures! Good luck, stay safe, and savor every moment.
~Mrs. Novak~

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! Take care.

Ammu, Suth, Radha, Ammumma and Appuppa

Sudhir Surendran said...

Sudhir - Sanjay's email updates fro everyone else..

"Germany is amajing and i just saw a ferrari, an aston martin and about a million porsches".

"We are heading back to airpot for our connection in a few hours. Time here is about 5pm"

"For dinner we got a full thin about 7 inch local made pizza and strawberry cake. Tell sweta. Ha ha ha"

"Our plane leaves at 10:35 here or about 4:45 ur time. Halfway through our journey."

Prashant said...

Hey Sanju,

Bon Voyage !!

Am rall happy for you...Hope you enjoy it o the fullest.

Take care.


Satya said...

Dear Sanju,

Good to see your blog. Have a great trip. I am very happy you got this opportunity to tour South Africa. We are all looking forward to your visit to India.

Take care.
Bujji mama

tetali said...

hey sanju.. we are so happy to know that you got this wonderful opportunity.. you are indeed very lucky:) have fun.. and when you come to india you are gonna tell us everything:)badly waiting to meet you all... you take care sanju.. have a blast!!!!!

madhurika & pinku didi

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